eXseco, company specialized in emergency healthcare and Cyber Security solutions on databases, Privacy Protection and Sensitive Data Protection in hospital and healthcare environments.

In the IT field, eXseco – alongside its partners – also deals with Cyber Resilience with constant monitoring, real-time intervention, management and prevention of Web Reputation.

Thanks to over 50 years of experience accrued by its «sister company» eXinvest– a Swiss company working in the pharmaceutical and special medical project field, under the worldwide Swisse Medic licence, and dealing with special institutional projects – eXseco is capable of completing auditing projects on internal processes, medical environment analysis, asset vulnerability and Business Continuity plans. It also deals with medical and protection device development for military, paramilitary and first aid contexts, in high-risk Emergency Areas with emergency solutions and hospital design (Field Hospitals) and Telemedicine solutions.

In our R&D labs, we research, design and customize cutting-edge technologies and software, based on our customers’ needs, while ensuring the greatest confidentiality and effectiveness.

eXseco, through its highly specialized professionals, ensures H24 service coverage everywhere, including urgent deliveries of rare protective materials and missing drugs.

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